What Toys Will Cats Actually Play With?

Cats have reputations for being self-sufficient and often sedate pets, capable of making their own entertainment day in and out. However, cats need physical and mental stimulation to be healthy and happy.

But what kind of toys do cats actually like? Here’s a list of some toys that will engage your cat’s body and mind throughout the long days.

kitten playing with a toy

Cats Enjoy Treat Dispensing Toys

Toys that dispense treats serve a cats body and mind. Small challenges will have your cat performing physical maneuvers to get small amounts of food or treats. Because they dispense smaller portions of food, food-dispensing toys may also serve as a dietary aid.

Many Kitties Love Catnip Filled Toys

Most cats will go wild for any toy or ball filled with catnip. A catnip filled plaything can keep your pet occupied for a long period of time. Be careful, though. Some cats get a little over excited, or even aggressive when interrupted playing with the stuff!

Just About Any Cat Will Chase a Laser Pointer

There’s nothing like a laser to get a cat excited. Try flashing one around the floor near your cat, turning it on and off, trying to get them to follow it and leap for it! A bright laser pointer should bring plenty of easy fun. There are even some modern models that are machine activated so your cat can play if you’re otherwise occupied.

Most Cats Like Toys on Sticks or Wands

Toys that hang from sticks are fun and safe for playing with your cat. Wagging a toy around on the end of a wand will keep your cat engaged as if hunting for moving pray, while keeping your hands out of the way of sharp teeth and claws. There are many variations of these toys, and many even allow you to swap out what you have on the end of the stick. Some cats are more likely to pounce on something that resembles a rodent, while others will jump to catch feathers that resemble a bird in flight. Try swapping out different toys to see what your kitty likes best.

Teaching your dog to behave on Walks

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a lab puppy sitting in front of the door holding a leash in it's mough

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How To Play With A Cat

Cats are wonderful, loving companions for many people, but that doesn’t always mean they are easy to play with. In fact, many cat owners don’t know how to play with their feline friends at all!

Kitten playing with feather wand

As it turns out, there are many ways to engage and build a bond with your pet cat.

Here are five fresh and fun ideas!


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Caring for a new dog is no small potatoes. While love and adoration go a long way in being a good pet parent, success in nurturing your new dog ultimately boils down to whether or not you devote time to them. As dog ownership is often a 10-15 year endeavor, its important to ask if you have enough time to address your dog’s needs before you take them in.

dalmation puppy in a basket

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How Often Do You Need to Walk Your Dog

two young boys walking a dog

How often do dogs need to be walked?

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How Long Can Your Dog be Left Alone?

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