Are you excited for your first visit from a dog walker? Don’t forget these helpful tips to make sure your pet’s first dog walk goes smoothly.

Tip 1. Make sure your dog has up-to-date tags on its collar.

We always want to be prepared for emergencies. Whether your dog is being walked by a professional dog walker or yourself, it’s always a good idea to have tags and make sure your phone and address are up to date on them.

Quick story: We found a lost dog while taking out the trash at a client’s house. The dog was super nervous, and even with treats, we could not coax them close enough to leash. Fortunately, the dog was tagged, and we could zoom in on the phone number with our phone camera. We called and five minutes later the dog and owner were reunited. Their fence had blown open, and just like that, their beloved pet was missing.

Always tag your dog! You can find some stylish tags here.

Tip 2. Update your pet’s dog walk routine.

This is so important since most dog walkers and pet sitters base their care on your notes.

It’s best to write out simple steps. Example:

  1. Get Fluffy out of his crate.
  2. Put on Fluffy’s harness.
  3. Take Fluffy on a walk.
  4. Give Fluffy a treat.
  5. Put him back in his crate.

These instructions are easy to follow while we go through the dog walk with your dog. Once we get into the routine, we’ll follow these instructions every time until you change them!

  • Click here to get to your notes. Bookmark this page so you can always get into your pet account.
  • Not set up with an account yet? You can start here.

Tip 3. Download our app for easy access to notes and dog walk journals.

Our clients tell us how much they love receiving journals and photos after every dog walk. The easiest way to view them is through our app. Search ‘Precise Pet Care’ in your phone’s app store and download the purple app with the paw print. Sign in the same way you do on your computer.

Our app makes it easy while you’re at work or on the go to cancel and schedule visits, add date-specific notes, and update pet details (see Tip 2).

Tip 4. Keep a designated dog towel by the door. We don’t want to leave your dog to “redecorate” the house.

We are in the Chicago suburbs, which means we get that Chicago weather. Sun, rain, and snow, we walk through it all! Paw prints on your new rug are not fun. Plus, your pet will enjoy being toweled off to stay warm in the winter months. You can even add your pet towel location in the notes in your profile.

We’re in the peace of mind business and want our clients to feel confident choosing us as a professional dog walker for their pets. Want more information on our dog walking services? Click here.