Teaching your dog to behave on Walks

Does your dog pull and overpower you, or stiffen up near the end of the walk? When dogs are difficult to walk, it’s not only irritating, but also potentially dangerous. It’s important to have safe and disciplined walks, which may take some leash training to achieve.

a lab puppy sitting in front of the door holding a leash in it's mough

Here are some tips for teaching your dog better leash etiquette. (more…)

Do You Have Time to Care for a New Dog?

Caring for a new dog is no small potatoes. While love and adoration go a long way in being a good pet parent, success in nurturing your new dog ultimately boils down to whether or not you devote time to them. As dog ownership is often a 10-15 year endeavor, its important to ask if you have enough time to address your dog’s needs before you take them in.

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Here is a roadmap of the ways in which dogs require time from their owners for healthy and happy lives


How Often Do You Need to Walk Your Dog

two young boys walking a dog

How often do dogs need to be walked?

All dogs need to move around! It’s just one of the hard facts of responsible dog ownership. While all dogs need some time outside to stretch their legs and do their business, different dogs have different exercise demands.


What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

No person speaks dog, despite the wishes of many frustrated dog owners. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to decipher what your pet means by its actions! From tongues to tails, dogs manage to be very communicative despite their lack of language skills.

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How Long Can Your Dog be Left Alone?

While we’d love to spend every waking minute with our furry friends, life often gets in the way of unadulterated pet time. Whether for work, parties, or trips out of town, the call will inevitably come for your to leave your dog unsupervised. But how long should you do that before intervening?

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