Uh oh! Halloween is right around the corner and you realized you don’t have an adorable costume for Fluffy. Check out these four quick DIY costumes below!

Classic Sheet Ghost

Use an old sheet you have lying around the house or pick one up from your local thrift store. Just cut some holes and you’ll have your very own spooky!

Plush Pup

Turn your dog or pet into a Beanie Baby with just a piece of cardboard and some paint. Cut the cardboard out in the shape of a heart. Get out your paint and add the big ‘ty’. Tie it to their collar just like a Beanie Baby.

Dog Martini

Have an old cone lying around? Drop by your local craft store and make your pet into a dog martini. You’ll just need 2-3 Styrofoam balls, a wooden dowel and some paint!

A Loofah

This costume starts with a dog shirt or a kid’s sized shirt from your local thrift store. Then glue your loofahs to it until satisfied with the look. Add a rubber duck and rope loop to complete the costume.