With Dog Therapy Appreciation Day coming up on April 11th, we want to share 5 ways dogs improve human mental health!

Get You Outside for Walks
Getting your dog outside for walks doesn’t just benefit them. According to Advanced Neurotherapy, exercising outside has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. It is also a great way to get Vitamin D, an important nutrient for brain function. Getting fresh air is also great for brain function and can help improve concentration. So, take those breaks and get your pet outside for a walk. Don’t have time? We’re here for busy pet parents like you. Click here to learn about our midday walks!

Provide Comfort
Petting animals has an automatic relaxation response in the human brain by releasing serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin. Dogs lower anxiety and help humans relax. They provide comfort which is why therapy dogs are utilized in high-stress settings such as hospitals.

Provide Companionship and Support
UCLA Health has studied research on pet companionship and support. They found dogs reduce loneliness, increase mental stimulation, and provide an escape or distraction thus positively affecting our mental health!

Offer Unconditional Love
Dogs show their love and strengthen their bond withus in many ways. Does your dog gaze into your eyes? This is a way dog communicate their love and when they do studies have shown it releases oxytocin (that same hormone we get from petting animals). They enjoy the love we give them as much as we enjoy the love they give us!

Make You Laugh
Dogs are definitely funny little creatures! It’s always funny the way they wag their little tails when they get excited for their food or the way they run in circles when they’re excited to go for their walks. The bottom line is, our dogs certainly make us laugh on a daily basis. Our furry little friends continue to have a positive impact on our mental health by providing us with random laughter throughout the day.