Cats are wonderful, loving companions for many people, but that doesn’t always mean they are easy to play with. In fact, many cat owners don’t know how to play with their feline friends at all!

Kitten playing with feather wand

As it turns out, there are many ways to engage and build a bond with your pet cat.

Here are five fresh and fun ideas!

  1. Bubbles
    Using non-toxic bubble solution, blow big bubbles in front of your cat, allowing it to swat them and dive after them.
  2. Hide a toy
    Take your cats favorite toy, and attach a string to it. Cover the toy with big towel or rag, and wriggle it underneath using the string. Watch as your cat jumps after the moving mass, trying to uncover their tour.
  3. Learn a trick
    Cats can learn tricks just like dogs, so attempt to work with your cat and teach them a simple trick! Starting with shake, or sit, see how quickly your cat picks up on new ideas when affirmed by their favorite treats.
  4. Empty box or bag
    There’s not much to this game. Cat’s simply love empty cardboard boxes and paper bags. When your cat is feeling frisky, place one on the floor in the center of a room, and watch as your pet jumps inside, kicks it around, or curls up for a nap!
  5. Shadow puppet
    Set up a bright light facing a wall in the evening or middle of the night. Swing your hands or other objects to create moving shadows against the wall. Try to engage your cat, getting them to chase or pounce at the moving shadows!

These are by no means the only ways to play with your pet cat. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and respond to your unique pet’s interests when playing. Most importantly, be careful and have fun! Playing is about bonding for your cat and you. If it’s not enjoyable, try something new.